KPI #5 Technology

Set standards for "what"!


COBie is already included in many commercial software used to plan, design, build, and operate buildings. Many software systems also include direct integration between specific software systems. There are also open-source solutions to many technology needs. The variety of these choices often results in sub-optimal technology choices over the long-term.

Providing the right technology, at the right level, to the right person is the real need. Knowing how to check that software system updates have not broken the ability for you to own your data is also a key longer term issue. 


COBie ScoreCard(TM)

The "Technology" Key Performance Indicator helps you use and test that the right technology is used for the right job.


Buying the seats of commercial software you need, and using existing, or free open-source software, where appropriate is a critical to your COBie implementation plan. You will get the right training, at the right time so that people who waste their time tinkering with software and retyping data.  


The "Technology" Key Performance Indicator outlines factors you will need to determine and communicate the technology choices you need to implement COBie.  These factors are:

  1. Get basic excel skills
  2. Understand how COBie is organized
  3. Use the COBie Plugin
  4. Quality Assurance plan for each process
  5. Benchmark technology to ensure compliance
  6. Share results through intranet
  7. Publish via contract, where appropriate
  8. Update to reflect lessons learned

As the COBie ScoreCard develops, templates, presentation materials, open-source software, and topic specific discussion forums will be available to registered users.