Managing Change


Facility management offices often have the oldest technology and least support within large organizations.  Despite this handicap, facility managers, dispatchers, foreman, and technicians have a “can do” attitude. They keep facilities running despite the odds! Since there is always a backlog of work to be done, and many competing requirements, facility managers often don't have time to figure out how to do their work more efficiently.  

Data Entry Clerk

The smallest campus usually has more than one data entry clerk who works hard, transcribing information originally prepared electronically. Why retype as-built asset information, when you could use the information directly?

Why measure and re-measure janitorial, maintenance, and renovation contract quantities, when those quantities are available to you through COBie any time you need them?


Facility managers using the COBie ScoreCard™ will be able to clearly describe what information is needed and how to get and use that information. They will be able to mobilize people, processes, and technology to gain efficiency and budget flexibility. As they deliver real-time asset information to their whole organization, they will begin to move facility management from an overhead line item to a valued organizational resource.


Those purchasing maintenance and asset management systems often think that the solution to improved productivity is built into these systems.  It is not.  Not when data entry staff must be hired to “feed the beast.”   Using COBie you can virtually eliminate this data entry bottleneck while creating a real-time database of that reflects the condition of the equipment and other assets installed at your facility.

In addition to eliminating useless paper, having access to the original information developed during the design and construction of a facility is estimated to increase the number of work orders that can be completed per day by 25%.  This is possible since crews no longer have to return to their shop when the get to the site and find out they don’t have the special tool or proper part needed for a specific job.

When a crew comes on site and finds out that the equipment that needs to be fixed is not that which was reported broken, the crew can quickly find the information delivered through COBie and work on the equipment that needs fixing – saving a trip back to the shop.

Having facility manager be defined by and belong to the facility, and not to the software provider, allows the facility manager the flexibility to extract information about the performance of specific equipment, crews, and types of work. It also allows the facility manager to transition between automaton systems at little to no cost.