This page answers basic questions about the COBie ScoreCard. 


In every facility management office today, we have simply accepted the wasted time and costs for:

  • data entry clerks to re-key information from paper documents
  • maintenance techs to return to get a tool or part they needed
  • building outages to be longer than needed
  • CADD and GIS staff to polyline blueprints, CADD, and BIM files

This wasted effort and cost can be avoided if owners could simply get the information they need. If they could, they'd increase budget flexibility and reduce backlogs and outages. They could move their organizations from an overhead budget burden to become a mission critical partner.


Implementing COBie is a team sport. With the COBie ScoreCard, you'll see where to start, and what steps to take next. As you progress you'll be able to mobilize the needed resources, start your program, move from pilots to regular operations, and finally fully implement COBie data into your processes and technology.


Using a simple Excel survey, the COBie ScoreCard tool identifies the level of your COBie Program along the five different dimensions of People, Partners, Stakeholders, Processes, and Technologies. 

To progress in your program the COBie ScoreCard provides you customized resources to help you progress. 

Registered users have access to unique resources including as presentations, templates, guides, specifications, and free-software that you can adapt for your office.


The COBie ScoreCard was developed by the inventor of COBie, Dr. Bill East. Dr. East has been changing the United States construction industry for over 35 years and has seen technology efforts succeed and fail.


As of October 2015, a exclusive set of owners representatives will begin testing the COBie ScoreCard.

If you work for an office that maintains, operates, or manages one or more large campuses, contact to discuss the potential for your early use of the COBie ScoreCard.