COBie is...

A simple idea...

The Construction-Operations Building information exchange (COBie) is based on one simple idea: "it is highly beneficial to capture data when it is first created and use that data throughout the life of a project."

...for a complex world.

Today's marketplace contains a host of competing ideas, approaches, and software for building information modeling.  These all fail to address the fundamental question addressed by COBie: "What information is needed to operate, maintain, and manage our buildings?"

Making a real change...

Simply requiring building information models or COBie data gets you some files that you won't be able to use in the future. The data will have become out-of date. The software you use in the future won't won't even open the files you get today. Even if you could get to the data, the information in these files doesn't help you operate, maintain, or manage your buildings.

When you're ready to make a real change you'll have to define what you want, how you're going to get it, and how you'll use it.

...requires alignment.

While COBie is a simple idea, number of different players in a building project makes it complicated to put in place. To navigate this complexity your COBie Implementation needs to align five different elements.

  1. People (your staff)
  2. Partners (designers and contractors)
  3. Stakeholders (others in your organization)
  4. Processes (how you do work)
  5. Technology (software)

These five elements are what we help you manage in the COBie ScoreCard.