KPI #1 People

Get your staff ready!


You may have the latest technology and the best designers and contractors; but if the people in your office don't know the value of the shared-structured data about maintenance, operations, and asset management, then you won't get the value from COBie. The information will sit on a disk in a box and become more and more useless over time. 


COBie ScoreCard(TM)

The "People" Key Performance Indicator helps you develop a plan to raise awareness and get active management support for the COBie change management program. 


Executing this Key Performance Indicator will give you the management support and internal skills needed to make your COBie implementation happen as you start out, and as you move through the process.


The "People" Key Performance Indicator outlines the factors you need to mobilize your office staff to get ready for, and use COBie.  These factors are:

  1. Identify a champion
  2. Identity a project manager
  3. Identify an expert
  4. Create awareness
  5. Create training program
  6. Conduct training
  7. Conduct simulations

As the COBie ScoreCard develops, templates, presentation materials, open-source software, and topic specific discussion forums will be available to registered users.