KPI #2 Partners

Get your contractors ready!


COBie is a team sport. To play you must know the rules of the game and the positions of each of the players. The best way to do this is to first understand your organization's goals and expectations with respect to COBie. With that basis you will be able to make suggestions or provide value-added services to partners and stakeholders who may not have considered the implication of COBie for their organizations.

Its also critical to note that while Aspirational BIM specifications are great motivation, these big-picture solutions are problematic from a contracting point of view -  Not all of your partners may be willing or able to meet your goals. COBie is about achieving practical improvements with the fewest changes to existing contracts. After all the "ie" is shorthand for "contracted information exchange."


COBie ScoreCard(TM)

The "Partners" Key Performance Indicator helps you clearly describe your real requirements in contracts and define appropriate quality control processes.


Once a project begins, these plans and agreements about information content and timing lead to the successful delivery of the information you actually need.


The "Partners" Key Performance Indicator outlines the factors you need to mobilize those who work with you under contract to get ready for, and use COBie.  These factors are:

  1. Announce intentions
  2. Draft your COBie Guide
  3. Draft your COBie Specification
  4. Draft a standard Information Delivery Plan
  5. Incorporate partner feedback
  6. Publish documents
  7. Publish partnering agreement
  8. Develop COBie PreCon materials
  9. Execute

As the COBie ScoreCard develops, templates, presentation materials, open-source software, and topic specific discussion forums will be available to registered users.