KPI #3 Stakeholders

Create value-added services!


Your staff and your contract partners are two of the three types of organizations that need to be included in any discussion of COBie. There are many other people who need access to facility management, operations, and asset management information. Those who require upward reports are, today, one of these key stakeholders.

To get the information you need, you need to be able to identify reporting and other requirements for information by others. Additional thinking about the uses of related information will also allow you to find opportunities for value-added sources. 


COBie ScoreCard(TM)

The “Stakeholders” Key Performance Indicator helps you manage the expectations of stakeholders who are be recipients of COBie data. In addition, working with these stakeholders may offer opportunities to provide value-added services.


Successfully identifying, specifying, and delivering Stakeholder information will help you to eliminate duplication of effort and transcribing information for reports; and to deliver new, value-added services.


The "Stakeholders" Key Performance Indicator outlines the factors you will need to support other groups within your overall organization. These factors are:

  1. Conduct demonstration
  2. Identify requirements
  3. Create integration plans
  4. Identify value-added services
  5. Develop level-of-service agreements
  6. Execute

As the COBie ScoreCard develops, templates, presentation materials, open-source software, and topic specific discussion forums will be available to registered users.