KPI #4 Process

Set standards for “how”!


General training and documentation about the COBie standard will not, by themselves, deliver you the information you need. Doing COBie on one pilot project won't get your office to use COBie across the board either.

To get COBie data on every project you will have to provide examples to your partners and stakeholders, have defined quality control procedures, and give people detailed information about how to get what you need.  This is because COBie is relatively new and the last thing most folks want to do is "something new"!


COBie ScoreCard(TM)

The "Process" Key Performance Indicator helps you to create, explain, and use best-practices allowing your partners to delivery the quality of the data you need.


As you proceed through the project, agreeing on the processes used for quality control ensures that you can get the information you need.


The "Processes" Key Performance Indicator outlines the the factors you will need for a sustainable COBie process.  These factors are:

  1. Update standard operating procedures
  2. Create/update training
  3. Create packages of standard materials
  4. Publish on your intranet
  5. Publish via contract, where appropriate
  6. Update to reflect lessons learned

As the COBie ScoreCard develops, templates, presentation materials, open-source software, and topic specific discussion forums will be available to registered users.